VSight Remote is equipped with several key features beyond the common audio/video connection, in order to enable you to professionally remotely support a user on a mobile device, such as a service technician on site.

Step 1: Zoom & Flash (1)

  • Control the zoom of the mobile device to take a closer look or get a better overview. 

  • This function supports a zoom factor of up to 4.

  • Activate the flash of the mobile device to increase the illumination.

Step 2: Pin a window (2)

  • By clicking on the pin needle of any window, the expert can fix this window in the center and thus controls the view for all users. 

  • All other video streams are displayed on the left side of the screen.

Step 3: Snapshot (3)

  • You can take a snapshot of the video live stream. 

  • By clicking on the photo camera icon, you take a picture with the camera of the device.

  • Importantly, this is not a low-quality screenshot, but a high-resolution image. 

  • The snapshot appears as a file in the chat history and can be used for collaboration or can be downloaded for documentation purposes.

  • The snapshot functionality can be particularly useful for collaboration under poor network connections.

  • For more information on how to collaborate on snapshots, please click "How can I collaborate on files?".

Step 4: Ar Pointer (4)

  • The hand symbol represents the AR Pointer, allowing for live annotation on video.

Step 5: AR+ Mode (5)

  • A click on the AR+ icon initiates the Augmented Reality mode.

  • The software scans and recognizes surfaces in the field of view of the mobile device to allow for the placement of 3D annotations during the live stream. 

  • For more detailed information on features and the collaboration in AR+ mode, please check "How can I collaborate on AR+ Mode?".

Step 6: Battery status of the mobile device (6)

  • By tracking the battery status of the mobile device, you are able to warn the user when the battery level of his mobile device is running low. 

  • Thereby you avoid unpleasant interruptions of the session.

Please note that for the functions 1, 2, 5 and 6 to work, the field user has to use the Vsight Android/iOS app.

Step 7: Picture-in-picture video stream (7)

  • To view a participant's video stream in picture-in-picture mode, click the appropriate icon that appears in the lower-right corner of the video stream upon moving your mouse in this window.

Step 8: Audio/video transmission of other users (8)

  • Control whether you receive the audio or video stream of other participants.

  • A click on the speaker or camera icon deactivates or activates the reception of the respective stream for your device.

Step 9: Full-screen video stream (9)

  • By clicking on a full-screen icon, the participant's video stream is displayed in full-screen mode. 

  • A second click on the icon will exit the full-screen mode.

Step 10: Quality of the network connection (10)

  • The color code provides insight into the network connection of other users. 

  • A green icon reflects excellent connection quality. 

  • From blue to orange to red, the quality gradually decreases.

  • For more details on network requirements, please click "VSight Remote Network Requirements".

To change the arrangement of the windows and to focus on the live stream of a specific user, a simple double click on the respective stream replaces the current main window with this stream. 
This does not change the arrangement and the view for other users.