The AR+ mode allows you to place annotations in the live stream of the mobile user that stays in place despite movement in the room or change of perspective. For this function to work as precisely as possible, the mobile user in AR+ mode has to move the camera of his mobile device to properly scan the entire surface, where annotations are to be placed. The scanning process was successful once a virtual grid appears. For iOS devices, a grid appears as the displayed picture below, for Android devices white dots are displayed instead.

Step 1: AR+ mode is started with a click on the button on the central upper edge of the window. (1)

Step 2: As soon as the virtual grid appears, annotations can be placed. You can choose between 2D freehand drawings (4) in different colors (2) and stroke width (3), and 3D arrows. 

Step 3: The direction of the arrow is defined via the drop-down menu. (5)

  • The arrow is placed upon a click on the designated position on the grid. In the mobile app, users in AR+ mode also have the function to measure distances. By simply placing two points, the software automatically calculates the distance between the points and displays them either in cm or inch.

Step 4: To undo or repeat individual annotations, please use the arrow keys on the right. (6)

Step 5: To delete all annotations at once, click on the trash icon. (7)

Step 6:  If you want to save the view with the annotations fixed in the live stream, you can take a snapshot. (8)

Step 7:  To exit AR+-mode, please click on the red cross. (9) 3D Annotations in AR mode

Please note that the AR+ function is only available for PRO and ULTIMATE licenses

Please note that as a user of the web application, you can only use the AR+ mode if the mobile user accesses the VSight Remote App with a device that supports AR+.