All users who use VSight Remote with an expert license are entitled to schedule sessions in advance,

Step 1:  To create the meeting click on the green "Schedule a meeting" button, located both in the Lobby and the Meetings on the Main Menu. (Fig. 6)

Step 2: Enter the necessary information for the meeting.

  • Every meeting requires a title. (1)

  • Select from the dropdown menu which users are supposed to join the meeting. (2)

  • Schedule a date (3) and time (4) for the meeting. 

  • The duration of the meeting will then be displayed in addition. (5)

  • In case the email addresses of the invited users are already stored in the account, they will be automatically notified. See "How can I change my password on VSight Remote?" to do it.

  • In addition, you can also invite further participants and guests by entering their email addresses in the designated field. (6)

  • To change your meeting invitation language to German or Turkish, click on the drop-down menu and select the language you want. (7)

  •  If you also want to invite additional participants, you can share the access link later, as shown "How can I manage my meetings on VSight Remote?".

Step 3: Finally, click “Schedule” to successfully create this meeting. 

  • It will thereafter appear in the overview of your upcoming meetings in the Lobby.

Please note that the meeting function is only available for PRO and ULTIMATE licenses, or can be restricted by your admin.

To add several email addresses please hit ENTER Key after each address.

In case you are using Outlook, you can use our Outlook add-in to create meetings. For more information see here.