With VSight Outlook add-in, you can create VSight Remote meetings directly from your calendar. 

If you already have installed VSight to your Outlook calendar, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Outlook calendar and click on “New Event”;

2. For the first time, please login with your VSight expert credentials;

3. After login, a confirmation "Signed in as expert" will appear;

4. Add event title, participants, set time and click "Add a VSight meeting" button;

Please note: add information according to the order given in the example. Otherwise, meeting title on VSight will not be the same as in Outlook. 

5. A message “VSight is working on your Add a VSight meeting request” will appear;

6. VSight meeting is set! Click on “Send” button to invite meeting participants;

Please note: make sure that Teams is not enabled at the same time, otherwise, there will be two meeting links under one invitation. You can disable Teams as a default online meeting solution under calendar settings.

7. Check and access created meetings under app.vsight.io. Your guests will be able to join the meeting directly from the shared link.

For information on how to install VSight to your Outlook calendar, see here.