Edit the user settings, but also change the password of the respective user. 

Step 1: Go to Users on the Main Menu.

Step 2: Click on the "yellow eye" icon shown in the figure below. (1)

  • You can view all settings and information of the respective user. 

Step 3: Click the Edit button on the top right to make changes.

Step 4: Simply set a new password and re-enter it in the field below to confirm the new password.

Changing a password also changes a QR code. Therefore, if you have shared a QR code instead of a password previously, please also share a new QR code as well.

Users are entitled to change their password by their own via web application of the VSight Remote Platform, however this requires the correct current password. In case the user forgot their password, the admin must create a new password, please check "How can I change a user's password?".