You can easily create new users, 

Step 1: Click on the green "New User" button at the top right of the user menu.

  • This will open the following window, where you can set up and configure the new user.

Step 2: Define the role of the user.  (1)

Step 3: Enter a username and fill in the rest of the information. 

  • Usernames are required for the login and should therefore be simple and straightforward.

  • Each username can only be assigned once.

  • The actual name of the user is required and will be displayed in the session. (3)

  • Optionally, you can also add the email address of the user. (4)                       


Step 4: Tick the following checkboxes to authorize the user:

  • To start/stop the video recording of sessions. (5)

  • To make calls. This also entitles the user to access the list of all users. Please

    select from the corresponding drop-down menu, whether the user shall

    be able to view all users or only users assigned to the same room. (6)

  • To create a "guest access". The guest access allows users to ad-hoc invite guests to a session (by link or QR code, sent via Email, Whatsapp, or SMS) (7)

  • To obtain the required consent of all participants if he wants to record the session started by his call. (8)

In case the email address is saved here on the platform, you can send e.g. meetings invitations directly without manually entering the email addresses.

Experts, whose email address is saved, receive the session export per email (Add-on "Export Function") without having to repeatedly enter their email addresses.

Step 5: Create a password for this user that fulfills the criteria listed on top. 

  • The password needs to contain at least 6 characters.

  • In case you want to enhance your user password security, you can set compulsory criteria

  • Go to SETTINGS on the Main Menu and find Password Policy. (4)

  • Please first activate the SLIDER to define the minimum length of a password. 

  • You can additionally activate the checkboxes of criteria that have to be met by your user. 

  • Furthermore, enable two-factor authentication to render access to the admin panel even more secure.

Step 6: After you have specified all parameters, click "SAVE" to successfully complete the configuration of this new user.