Role-based user management makes it easier to manage a team using VSight Remote platform.


Each account is assigned one admin. Only the administrator has access to the admin panel (unless he creates and gives access to so-called co-admins) in order to manage the account. The administrator creates and configures both user and rooms, he grants all permissions and has control over all settings and the recordings, which are stored in the admin panel. There is no option to delete an administrator, not even in the admin panel.


In case the administrator wants to entrust another user with exclusive administrator rights, he can create co-admins. Co-admins have the same permissions and rights as administrators. The only difference between administrators and co-admins is that co-admins cannot delete the administrator, vice versa it is possible though. An unlimited number of co-admins can be created per account. Co-admins who use the VSight platform as a user, automatically take on the role of a subscriber. If the co-admin is supposed to take on the role of an expert, VSight can create this dual role. Please contact your contact person at VSight.


Experts are usually the user who guide the subscribers onsite remotely. A session is only started as soon as an expert enters the room. In the classroom, this function is performed by the host, who has to actively start the session.


Subscribers are the user who receives the support and guidance of experts from afar, such as service technicians or end customers on-site. Subscribers and experts have the same permissions and features. The only difference is that only experts can start a session. This is due to the VSight licensing model, where all subscribers can use the platform for free.