You can easily add new rooms.

To create a new room,

Step 1: Click the green button "New Room" in the upper right corner of the submenu “Rooms”

Step 2: You can choose the permissions and settings for each room by checking the boxes next to the choices:

  • Thereupon, the following window will open with further configuration options. (Fig. 5)

  • You can customize your rooms by uploading different symbols/logos for each room. (1)

  • You can give relevant names and descriptions to each room. (2) (3)

  • You can choose to automatically record all sessions in the room. (4)

  • You can add permission requirements to start recordings in the room. (5)

  • You can choose P2P video calling instead of using VSight Remote's server. (6)

  • You can change the streaming and snapshot quality for this room from HD to full HD. (7) (Please note that this leads to increased computing (battery life, processing power) and data capacity.)

  • You can define a room as a training room. (8) (This is an add-on for up to 112 users per session) 

  • In the final step of the configuration, you may assign certain users to this room by selecting them from the drop-down menu. 

  • Please note that the drop-down menu contains only users that are already linked to your account. 

  • The only requirement is that these users are already linked to your account. 

  • Go to the link to learn how to create users click "How can I create a new user?".

Step 3: After defining the permissions and entering the required information for the room to be created, click SAVE to finish adding the new room.

  • You can assign different users to each room you want to create. 

  • The users must be linked to your account in order to be able to assign them to a room.

Please note that P2P calls, full HD quality and classroom functions are additional functions. Please also note that P2P calls cannot be recorded and saved.