VSight Remote sessions can also be started via a call. This function is particularly used by our customers internally. For example, you can quickly contact the user in the field. Another case study would be a user in the field who, after certain work steps, would like to call the expert in the "back office" again.

To call users,

Step 1: In order to be able to receive calls, you must of course be logged in to the web interface.

  • For you to be able to make calls, the user you are calling must be logged in to the web interface or the Android/iOS app. 

  • The user does not have to have the Android/iOS app actively open but should be logged in so that he can receive the call on the logged-in device.

Step 2: If your admin authorized you to access the list of all other users, you can see the details in the submenu “Users”.

Step 3: To call multiple users simultaneously, click on the Select Multiple buttons and then click on the Call button. (6)

Step 4: Via the integrated search bar, you can quickly and easily search for specific users by their name. (1)

  • You can also use the role filter to display only users with a specific role. (2)

  • To call a user from this list, simply click on the respective green phone icon. (3)

  • To start a group call with multiple users, first, click on “Select multiple” (4) and activate the checkboxes of the users you want to call. (5)

  • The call is set up as soon as you click “Call”. (5)

  • Once your call is accepted, a Vsight Remote session will be started in your so-called personal meeting room. 

  • As soon as you receive a call, it will be displayed in the lobby under the heading "Ongoing calls". (1)

  • You will also receive a pop-up notification where you can accept (2) or deny (3) the call. 

Step 5:  Alternatively, you can also accept the call and enter the session via the "JOIN" (4) button.

Permission requirements for recording the sessions in call sessions can be authorized from the Admin Panel.

Only the caller has the authority to end the meeting for all. 
The caller can select between leaving the meeting and letting other users continue the session or ending the meeting for all participants after clicking on the End Call button.

Please note that the call function is only available for PRO and ULTIMATE licenses, or can be restricted by your admin.