With VSight you can create conditional workflows easily even without IT knowledge.

1. Create a workflow and add all of your steps

2. Once all the steps are created, select conditions below.

3. Click on the step that you want to add condition to and click on "Add Condition" button at the upper right corner.

4. Select condition for your step as in the example below: decide depending on a response to which step the user should go next and to which step to go if no conditions apply. 

This means that when a user selects option "Yes", they will be redirected to step 3. If another answer is chosen, they will go to step 6.

5. You can also expand your condition by adding a logical condition. Simply click on three dots next to already existing condition and select "Add Logical Condition". This way you can add more options on when the user should be redirected to the chosen step.

6. If you add a new step once conditions are already established, please note that the new step will not be connected to any of the steps and you should decide how the connections should be established.

Please note that conditions can be applied only to steps that require user feedback. For example: text input, multiple choice option, check box, etc.