To make files available permanently in a room, experts and co-admins can pre-upload them anytime even without other participants in a room. 


Step 1: Go to a room of your choice and open the files section on the right side. 

Step 2: To upload files, click on “Upload File” button at the bottom.

Step 3: Once you have uploaded your files, you have the following options:  

  • Download 
  • Send to session 
  • Delete 


Download will let you download the file to your computer.  

Send to session option will send the file to the chat and will make it available for collaboration for all users.  

Delete option will remove files from the room. 



Step 4: You can also send files from a chat to files section as well. Simply click on three dots and choose “Send to Files”.  

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  • Please note that files function is only available for PRO and ULTIMATE licenses and only in Room mode.