Step 1: Click "Workflow" on the left menu.  

  • The "Workflow'' screen lists all the workflows of your account. 

Step 2: Click ‘Create a Workflow’ to start designing your workflow step-by-step. 

  • For each new step, first choose the layout: either full page, a vertical or horizontal page break.

Step 3: Customize each step;

  • Rename, duplicate or delete individual steps.

  • Adjust your preview to the end user's device.

  • Click into the preview field to add or edit content.

Step 4: Choose a widget and add your content field respectively. 

  • To simply give instructions, or interact with the user by requesting feedback. 

  • If safety equipment is required before starting the workflow, create a step using the’ PPE- Visual AI’ widget to detect and validate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Step 5: Add workflow details: 

  • Enter the name of the workflow, add a description and the estimated duration.

  • Set your own labels to categorize the workflow, e.g. Heat exchanger