Step 1: Go to and login with your admin credentials.   


  • The "Workflow'' screen lists all the workflows of your account.  


Step 2: Click ‘Create a Workflow’ to start designing your workflow step-by-step.  

Step 3Add workflow details:  


  • Enter the name of the workflow, add a description and the estimated duration. 
  • Set your own labels to categorize the workflow, e.g. Heat exchanger 
  • Choose "Show Content Page" if you would like users to see an overview of steps before starting.
  • Add PDF files to be shown on the starting page of your workflow

Step 4: Click on the middle button on the left side to add steps to your workflow. Click on “Create New Step” button at the bottom to get started.


  • For each new step, first choose the layout: either full page, a vertical or horizontal page break. 

Step 3: Customize each step; 


  • Rename, duplicate, clone, move or delete individual steps. 
  • Change layout if needed  
  • Adjust your preview to the end user's device. 
  • Click into the preview field to add or edit content. 


Step 4: Choose a widget and add your content field respectively.  

  • To simply give instructions, or interact with the user by requesting feedback.  

  • If safety equipment is required before starting the workflow, create a step using the’ PPE- Visual AI’ widget to detect and validate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

Step 5: Once you have completed your workflow, you can save or publish it. By saving, you will keep your workflow in draft mode and by publishing it will be accessible to users once the workflow has been assigned to them.