In case your smart glasses are connected to your device but the application creates an error showing "Connection Failed", please apply the steps below to fix the problem. 

Step 1: Check your smart glasses date and time setting to make sure they are up to date.

To Log in via Field ID Code

Step 2: Please communicate this 6-digit code (1), which will be regenerated every 5 minutes, to the expert in the back office (e.g. via a regular phone call, SMS, or WhatsApp). 

Step 3: The expert will then start a session and enter your unique ID code in the designated field of the session section (2).

Step 4: Once the expert hits the “Connect” button (3), you will directly be called into the VSight Remote session with the expert.

Login and connect to the expert via your ID code

To Log in with QR Code

Step 5: In case you received a QR code for your login, please use the voice command “Sign in with QR Code”. 

  • This opens a scanner to read the QR code you received from your admin or contact person.

Step 6: To improve the QR code recognition, you can “Zoom in” or “Zoom out” with your camera. 

  • The current zoom level is displayed in the upper right corner (Fig. 4) (1). 

  • Once the scanning process was successful you will automatically be logged in to the VSight Remote app.

Login via QR code