In addition to communicating with multiple users via audio/video stream, VSight Remote offers the possibility to integrate files into a session and edit them together.

Collaboration on PDF files

Step 1: PDF documents can be uploaded into the session by users of the web application yet can be edited by all users. 

  • Once the collaboration was initiated, the document will open in full screen on your smart glasses.

Collaboration on PDF documents

Step 2: Use the arrow keys (“Select item [number]”) at the top center of the screen to scroll through the pages of the PDF document (1).

Step 3: To zoom in or out, please use the zoom function (“Zoom in/out”) (2).

Step 4: The arrow keys at the right edge of the screen (3) allow for navigation in the current view (“Scroll up/left/right/down”).

  • Both the zoom and the navigation are reflected in the view of all users.

Step 5: The speaker icon (4) allows you to mute and thus control the incoming audio streams (“Toggle sound”).

Step 6: The microphone icon (5) allows you to mute yourself and thus control the transmission of your audio stream (“Mute microphone”).

Step 7: The speech bubble (6) opens the chat window (“Open chat”). 

Step 8: To close the collaboration, say “Leave” (8).

Collaboration on image files

You can collaborate both on snapshots from the session and on preexisting images. However, users of the web interface or o iOS devices have to first upload external files and ultimately initiate the collaboration by opening the respective image file. Given that you cannot draw on smart glasses, you have limited annotation options when collaborating on image files.

Collaboration on images

Step 9: First, use the voice command “Select item 1” to activate the image and open the entire annotation menu.

Step 10: The tools displayed on the lower-left corner do not apply to smart glasses, however, you can zoom in and out of the image (“Zoom in/out”)

Step 11: You can navigate within the image with the voice commands “Scroll up/left/right/down”.

Step 12: To close the collaboration, say “Close collaboration”.

Please note that the edited version can only be saved by web users.