VSight Remote offers several ways to start a session. In case you want to schedule a session in advance, you can schedule a meeting in the web interface of the Vsight Remote platform (https://app.vsight.io/).

Step 1: To start a session spontaneously, you can call other users of your account and instantly initiate a session. 

  • In addition, external users can be added to a session via guest access in the form of a link or a QR. 

  • Due to the VSight licensing model, at least one expert must be present to start a session.

Whether you're joining a room, attending a meeting, or accepting a call, you'll always end up in a VSight Remote Session.

Step 2: Say “Show help” to display the relevant voice commands for the session interface, as shown below.

Session interface

Arrangement of the streams (1)

Step 3: In the regular live stream mode, the video stream of your camera appears in the center of your screen, and the streams of the other participants are listed on the left. With “Swap views” you can switch the windows.

Mute yourself (2)

Step 4: Use “Toggle microphone” to mute or unmute your microphone.

Switch camera (3)

Step 5: Use “Toggle subscriber camera” to switch between the front and back camera of your device.

Flash (4)

Step 6: If your device has a flash, you can activate it with “Toggle flash” to increase illumination.

Zoom (5)

Step 7: Control the zoom of your mobile device’s camera with “Zoom in/out”.

Snapshot (6)

Step 8: With the voice command “Take a photo”, you take a high-resolution picture with the camera of your device. This snapshot is then displayed in the chat history and can be used for collaboration. The snapshot functionality can be particularly useful for collaboration under poor network connections.

Chat (7)

Step 9: The Chat window allows you to send text messages, as well as view the transcript of the session. You access the chat section by saying “Open chat”. For more info on the chat function, see "How can I use the chat on my smart glasses?".

Leave the session (8)

Step 10: To exit the session, say “Leave”.

  • Special case: If a session has been started by a call, the calling user can choose when leaving the session whether he wants to end the session for everyone, or whether the other participants can continue the session without him.

Please note that users of the web application can remotely control your camera's flash and zoom, as well as take images with your camera via the snapshot function.

Please note that a session will last until the last expert leaves the session. Meeting links and guest access credentials remain valid until all users have left the session and the session ended.