In case your admin has granted you permission, you will find all users created in your account in the user section. The call function allows you to connect directly with selected users. Initiating a call is another way to start a VSight Remote session. This function is particularly used by our customers internally. For example, you can quickly contact the expert in the back office or call him back again after you have completed certain steps without the need to schedule another meeting. The constant planning of meetings or arranging the time when to meet in the room is no longer necessary - you just call each other. For the other user to receive calls, he must be logged in to the app or the web interface.

Step 1: To start a call, please go to the "Users" section (1).

Step 2: You can select the desired user(s) from the list by saying the name of the person or by selecting the respective item, (see in Fig. 9) “Select item 4” the checkbox of the respective user. (2)

Call function between users

Step 3: The call is set up as soon as you "Call selected users" (3). 

  • Once your call is accepted, a VSight Remote session will be started in your so-called personal meeting room.

Please note that the call function is only available for PRO and ULTIMATE licences, or can be restricted by your admin.