In an academy room, you can conduct sessions with up to 112 participants, e.g., for training purposes on a larger scale. There are 3 different roles in an academy room;

HOST: (1 User)

... is appointed by the admin and has permission to start and manage the session. He controls or moderates the action by allowing participants, for instance when questions arise (hand signal), to share their audio and video stream.

PUBLISHER: (up to 12 users)

... are the participants who have been authorized by the host to share their audio and video streams during the session.


... are the participants who join and follow the session but are not per se allowed to share their audio/video stream.

Step 1: A session in the academy room must be started by the host.

  • In the beginning, the host can allow certain participants to share their audio/video stream during the session, thus appointing them as publishers.

  • This always requires the consent of the publishers.

  • A maximum of 12 audio/video streams can be published simultaneously.

  • The roles of the publishers can change during a session.

  • All other participants can follow the session with their microphone/camera deactivated.

Academy roomStep 2: The host can use the pin needle (1) to pin a specific stream in the main window. (Fig. 17)

  • The fixed stream always appears at the top of your screen, and you can scroll down to see the streams of other publishers.

  • The name of the publisher is displayed on the left side of each stream. (2)

Step 3: You can control the incoming audio and video streams of individual publishers via the respective speaker and camera icons. (5)


Step 4:  In case you want to ask a question, please raise your hand. (3)

  •  The host gets notified and he can activate your audio/video stream and grant you publisher rights so that you can publicly ask the question. 

  • However, this requires your consent, which you can give in the pop-up window. 

  • To withdraw your request, take down your hand with another click on the hand icon.

  • The chat function (4) is still available.

  • To leave the session please click the leave button. (6)

Please note that the academy room license is an add-on that is not included in regular license. Please contact your admin or get in touch with us via