Manipulation of 3D annotations or 3D objects;

Step 1: In case you want to move, scale, or delete individual 3D annotations or 3D objects in AR+ mode, please use the scale button (see Fig. 10) (6).

  • However, this function is only available if the lock symbol (Fig. 10) (6) is not activated.

Features in ar mode

Step 2: Click on individual annotations or objects to select them and freely move them around or scale them using the zoom buttons. (Fig. 11, below) (1)

  • 3D objects can also be rotated with the help of finger gestures.

Manipulation of 3d annotations and 3d objects

Step 3: To remove a specific annotation, select it and click on “DELETE”. (2)

Step 4: The “x” (3) takes you back to the regular AR+ mode.

  • As soon as you click on the red “X” in the upper right corner, you will exit the entire AR+ mode.