Meetings are particularly suitable for planning sessions with dates and times in the future and inviting users to them in IOS. The users, in turn, can save the calendar invitation, are reminded of the session beforehand, and can join simply via a link. A simple and pleasant way of use, especially for external users outside your company. VSight customers appreciate this function, e.g., for planned maintenance or for sessions to be carried out later that do not have to take place urgently.

Step 1: If you have received an invitation to a VSight Remote Meeting by email, you will be redirected directly to the app upon clicking on the link. 

Step 2: All you have to do is enter your name before you can access the session directly via the "JOIN" button.

Step 3: You can currently schedule meetings through the VSight Web application ( if you have been authorized to do so by your admin/co-admin. 

Further information and explanations please check "VSight Remote App for IOS Users".