The RealWear Explorer is a tool that mirrors the screen of your RealWear device to your computer. This allows you to view the apps on your smart glasses on your desktop and to control the glasses with the mouse and keyboard of your computer. Additionally, it allows you to transfer applications from your computer and install them on your smart glasses by following the steps below.

Step 1: Download the latest version of VSight Remote: 

Step 2: Download the newest version of the RealWear Explorer to your computer via the following (Mac_v4.2.3 or Windows_v4.2.3).

Step 3:  Extract and install the file you downloaded. For more information incl. a more detailed installation guide see:

Step 4: Connect your smart glasses to the PC using the supplied USB cable.

Step 5: Launch RealWearExplorer and power on your smart glasses to display the glasses’ view on your PC and control it with the mouse.

Step 6: Drag-and-drop the downloaded VSight Remote .apk file onto the “Drag and Drop” field on the RealWear Explorer (Fig. 1).

  • Thereafter, VSight Remote will be automatically installed on your smart glasses.

Installing the VSight Remote app on smart glasses

Please note that the smart glasses still respond to voice commands when connected to your computer.                                                      

Installion guidelines and technical support for Vuzix and Epson smart glasses can be accessed via the following links:
Vuzix: Installation via Vuzix View
Epson: Technical Documemtation Moverio