See the table below to learn what features are included in ESSENTIAL, PRO, or ULTIMATE. Also, see

General features

License types

The following features can be added to your license as an add-on function:

Add-ons table

  • An Academy (Training) room feature is available for up to 100+ participants.
  • Custom CRM integration is available. Companies can integrate VSight accounts into their CRM systems.
  • With White-labeling companies can use their VSight accounts under their own logo, name, color, and custom domains.
  • With the Session Export add-on after the session, users receive the documents shared during the session, the snapshots were taken, the chat, and other session information as a report.
  • With Additional Data Storage, it is possible to have extra storage in the VSight cloud.
  • With Azure, AWS, and Custom Archive Integration, custom server integration is possible. You can store your data on your own servers.
  • With Workflows, you can set up your occurring and planned works and operations step by step and send these workflows to field workers. Field workers can apply these workflows step by step and complete their tasks without the need for an internet connection.

Please note that add-on features are not included in the license.

If you would like to add these features to your license, please contact or get in touch with your personal contact at VSight.