In addition to communicating with multiple users via audio/video stream, VSight Remote offers the possibility to integrate files into a session and edit them together. 

You can upload image files, written documents such as technical drawings, maintenance manuals, etc. as described in "What type of documents and files can be shared on VSight?". Collaboration is only possible with .PNG, .JPEG., .JPG images, and PDF files. Other file formats are not supported for editing but can still be uploaded and downloaded by other users in return. 

In addition to existing files, users can capture the live situation by taking a snapshot. A high-resolution image is taken with the camera of the mobile device. The snapshot subsequently appears in the chat history and can be viewed, edited, and saved by all users. Frozen live images are especially helpful when collaborating under poor network conditions, or can be used for image-based documentation. Files can either be uploaded simply via Drag & Drop into the chat window or via the paper clip icon, described below.

Step 1: A click on the paper clip icon (1) will open your explorer, where you can select the respective file(s). 

Step 2: You can either drag and drop them into the chat window or click on "Open". (2)

  • The files are then listed in a separate window.

Step 3: The yellow dot (3) allows you to remove individual files from the list. 

Step 4: Once you click "UPLOAD" (4), your files will be uploaded to the session and will appear as individual files in the chat window. 

  • All users can download this file via the drop-down menu (5), or view further details, such as file size, file type, etc.

Step 5: To open the file in the session and start a collaboration, please click on the actual file. (6)

Please note that not all file formats that can be uploaded and shared with users are suitable for collaboration. Currently, only image files (.PNG, .JPEG, .JPG) and PDF documents are supported.