VSight Remote not only gives you the ability to use 3D annotations but also allows you to embed 3D objects in the live stream. 

Step 1: To use this function, please load the file into the session as described "What type of documents and files can be shared on VSight?".

  • Currently, the following 3D file formats are supported for collaboration:

    • iOS device (ARkit): .obj, .gltf, .glb, .dae, .scn

    • Android device (ARCore): .gltf, .glb

Step 2: In case your 3D objects are in .step file format, please convert and save them beforehand e.g., with the Converter in the main menu (see below) (1), and upload the converted version into the session.

Step 3: To display the uploaded file, click on the icon (see above) (2) and select the desired file from the drop-down menu.


Step 4: A subsequent click in the video stream, places the 3D object into the live stream. The navigation button allows you to move the 3D object. (3)

Step 5: To fixate the object in the image and to prevent movement or scaling by other users, click on the lock symbol. (4)

Please note that you must be in AR+ mode to collaborate on 3D objects.