The VSight Remote Session is equipped with a variety of tools to make collaboration over distances as effective as possible. In addition to communication via audio, video, and chat, you can also guide and support each other from a distance in the live stream with the help of a pointer, text input in the image. As well as other augmented reality tools such as fixed 3D annotations in the moving image, the dimensioning of surfaces, and the integration of 3D objects in the moving image. 

Step 1: Pointer functionality in the live stream

  • The pointer allows you to draw the attention of other users to specific objects in the live stream.

  • To activate the pointer, please click on the hand icon (1) at the top of the window where you want to show something. 

  • You can use the color palette (2) to select the color of your pointer. 

  • You can define the shape of your pointer – point, hand, or arrow – from the drop-down menu. (3) 

  • By holding down your mouse button, the movement of your pointer (4), with your name popping up (5), will be displayed to all users. 

  • To exit the pointer mode, use the red cross. (6)

Please note that this function is only available when the other user turned on his camera and transmits a live stream.

Pointer for remote guidance