VSight Remote offers several ways to start a session. Joining a room is probably the most common one. In case you want to schedule a session in advance, you can do this via “Meetings”. To start a session spontaneously, you can call other users of your account and instantly initiate a session click here. In addition, external users can be added to a session via guest access in the form of a link or a QR code (for more information click here). No matter which of these different options you choose, you will always end up in a typical VSight Remote Session. Its user interface and features are explained in more detail below.

Due to the VSight licensing model, at least one expert must be present to start a session.

Step 1: If you do not want to issue consent at each session, you can ask the browser to remember your decision. (1) Then click on "Allow" (2) then click on "Allow" (2) to grant access to the application. 

  • By clicking on the camera (3) and microphone icon (4), you can control whether they are active or inactive when entering the session.

Step 2: In the settings, (5) you can choose between available cameras and microphones.

Step 3: Ultimately, click on "JOIN" (6) to enter the room and thus the session.

Initially, you will be asked to allow the application access to your camera and microphone. 
VSight Remote requires this approval regardless of whether you switch your camera & microphone on or off during the session.

Please note that your camera/microphone must not be used by another application at the same time. (e.g., during a Teams meeting).