Manage your setting on the admin panel,

Step 1: Click on the "SETTINGS" button in the main menu to view your account settings. The following settings can be edited here:

  • Enable automatic recording of all sessions in all rooms. (2)

  • To change the automatic recording for individual rooms, please edit the settings of the respective room. 

  • Specify who will receive the weekly usage reports by email. This short usage report provides you with an overview and an evaluation of the weekly account usage. (2)

  • Choose your preferred time zone. (3)

  • In case you want to enhance your user password security, you can set compulsory criteria. (5)

  • Please first activate the slider and define the minimum length of a password. 

  • You can additionally activate the checkboxes of criteria that have to be met by your user. 

  • Furthermore, enable two-factor authentication to render access to the admin panel even more secure.

  •  In the lowest section, you will find the list of the current hardware and software requirements for mobile devices, supported browsers, and your network connection. (6)

Step 2: Please save your settings to apply the changes.