New tickets can be created both via the admin panel and also directly via the VSight Remote web application. The following steps refer to the creation in the admin panel;

Step 1: Click on the "TICKETS" button in the main menu to go to the detailed view of all tickets created.

Step 2: Via the "New Ticket" button (3) (see above) you will be directed to a new window with several fields to add further information and configure the ticket.

Step 3: Define the type of ticket. (1)

  • In the initial delivery state, only the ticket type “Service” is available. 

  • In case you require additional ticket types, such as complaint, maintenance, repair, etc., please get in touch with your contact person at Vsight.

  • Next, you can link this session to a certain room. (2)

  • If you want to link specific sessions to a ticket, please go to the respective session and attach the session to the ticket (see below)

Step 3: Define the type of ticket. (1)

  • Please set a title for the ticket. (3)

  • And a description to briefly outline the respective problem or topic. (4)

  • Choose a status. (5)

  • And choose priority. (6)

  • You can further categorize the ticket. Specify a user who is responsible for the ticket. (7)

  • Define a follow-up date by which the next step shall be completed or by which the ticket shall be closed. (8)

  • Optionally, exemplify a potential problem-solving strategy or procedure of how to resolve the ticket. (9)

Step 4:After you have made all settings, click on "CREATE" to successfully generate this ticket.

Please note that the ticket function is only available with PRO and ULTIMATE licenses. However, upon request, the ticket function can be activated/deactivated. Please contact your connection at VSight.