Experts are given the option to receive the content of the session by email, right after the session ended. This session export includes session comprises all chat messages, snapshots, shared files, and video recordings. If the initial opportunity to receive the email was missed, or if re-sending is desired, you can initiate a new email with the session export here in the admin panel.

Step 1: Click on the respective session within the list of all sessions. (1)

Step 2: Enter the email address of the recipient(s) in the designated field. (2)

  • To enter several email addresses, please the Enter key after each address.

  •  All listed recipients will receive an email with a download link for a ZIP file, comprising all shared files, snapshots, and chat messages.

  • If the session has been recorded, the email contains a second link to download the video. Both links will lose their validity after 30 days.

  • In case a session has been recorded, it will be listed in the 3rd section of Fig. 18 with additional details, as depicted in Fig. 19 below.

View session detailsReplay, export or delete session recordings

Step 3: By clicking on the yellow play button (1) in Fig. 19, a new window will open, where you can directly play the recording.

Step 4: If you want to download the recording, please click on the download icon. (2)

  •  This will open a separate window, where you again have the possibility to play the video.

  • By subsequently right-clicking on the video, you will be offered various options to download the video or to share in other ways.

  • If you ultimately want to delete the recording, e.g., to free up storage space, please click on the red trash icon. (3)

Please note that sessions can only be recorded when holding an ULTIMATE license. For each ULTIMATE license, we provide you with UNLIMITED storage space to archive your session recordings. Once this limit is reached, the oldest recordings will automatically be deleted, to free up space.

Please note that the "Session Export" function is an add-on feature. Please contact your admin or your contact person at VSight.