If you identify sessions in your session report that took place in so-called personal meeting rooms, this means that this session was initiated by a call between users. (1)

Personal meeting rooms for calls between user

Step 1:  To enable your user to use this functionality, you must activate the check box “Permission to make calls” in the respective user configuration.

  • Using the call function, users can call each other directly within the VSight Remote Platform and thus easily and quickly start a session.

  • For this functionality, the system temporarily creates personal meeting rooms, which automatically disappear after the session is ended. 

  • In the session report that lists all sessions, these sessions are labeled with “Personal Meeting Room” as a room name.

Step 2: Go to Users on the Main Menu.

Step 3: Click on the "Edit" icon shown in the figure below. (2)

  • You can view all settings and information of the respective user. 

Step 4: Check the “Permission to make calls” box in the respective user configuration.

Edit user settings

Please note that the call function is only available for PRO and ULTIMATE licenses.