You can invite users to Vsight Remote Platform, without having to enter their user credentials.

Step 1: Go to and login with your admin credentials

Step 2: Go to Users on the Main Menu.

Step 3: Click on the "yellow eye" icon shown in the figure below. (1)

  • You can view all settings and information of the respective user. 

Step 4: Furthermore, when you scroll down, you will find the section to create a permanent QR Code for this user. 

Step 5: To create a QR Code for the first time, click on the “Create QR Code” button. (1)

  • The automatically generated code can subsequently be downloaded as a JPEG image that can be shared with the user. (2)

  • Upon scanning the code with a mobile device, the user will be directly logged in to their profile on the Vsight Remote Platform, without having to enter his user credentials.

  • This feature is especially helpful when using smart glasses.

  •  In case a new QR code is required, it can easily be regenerated. (3)

  • In case the code is not required anymore, it can also be deleted. (4)

This QR code is permanent and remains valid until the password is being changed.