Meetings are particularly suitable for planning sessions with dates and times in the future and inviting users to them. The users, in turn, can save the calendar invitation, are reminded of the session beforehand, and can join simply via a link. A simple and pleasant way of use, especially for external users (outside your company). VSight customers appreciate this function, e.g., for planned maintenance or for sessions to be carried out later that do not have to take place urgently.

To join a room,

Step 1: Click on the "Meetings" button in the main menu to see a detailed view of all your meetings.

  • Here you will find an overview of all upcoming meetings. (1)

  • As well as previous, or already started meetings.

  • Each meeting is displayed with the scheduled time and duration (3), and the users involved.  (4)

Step 2: To invite additional participants, you can share the specific access link (6,7) in different ways. 

  • Either copy this link to your clipboard (6) or click on the share button (7) to open the drop-down menu and distribute the link either via email, Whatsapp, or SMS.

Step 3: Click the "JOIN" button (8) to take you directly to the meeting.

Step 4: To cancel a scheduled meeting, you can “CANCEL” the meeting for all users. (9)

Step 5: To remove any of your previous meetings from the list, please “REMOVE” (10) the respective meeting.

  • To delete an already held meeting from the history of your past meetings, please click on "REMOVE" (10) of the respective ticket.

Please note that meetings can only be scheduled and deleted by users with an expert licence.

Please note that sharing a guest link via SMS is a paid add-on feature. Please contact your administrator in this regard.

In case you run late for a meeting, please consider that any started meeting is listed under “Previous Meetings”. (2)