After you have logged in, the main menu will be displayed on the left column. In the following, all individual submenus will be described in greater detail. 

Main menu

See the sub-items shown below:

  • The converter (1) is new functionality, currently in the Beta version, that allows you to convert your 3D files from .step format to the supported .glb format. 

  • Please download the converted file and re-upload it when you are in the session.

  • By clicking on "Help Center" (2) you will be redirected directly to our VSight Remote Knowledge base. There you will find answers to FAQs with additional short video tutorials. 

  • From the "bell" icon you can see the notifications section where you will be informed about any new updates.

  •  Via the feedback button (3), you can report problems during a session and send us your suggestions, comments, and feature requests.Your feedback helps us to constantly improve the platform. 

  • The current version of the web application is displayed in the lower-left corner. (4)

  • To collapse or expand the main menu, please use the small arrow "<". (5)

  • The language of the user interface can be changed via the dropdown menu. (6)