If your administrator has granted authorization, all users will appear in the "user" area of your Android device. The call function will allow you to make direct contact with the users you've selected. Continuous planning or choosing a time to meet in the room is no longer essential; you can simply phone each other. Other users must be logged in to the VSight Remote app or web interface in order to receive calls. You don't have to have the app open to receive calls, but you must be logged in to receive them.

Initiating a call is another way to start a Vsight Remote session,

Step 1: To start a call, please go to the "Users" section. (1)

  • You can call more than one user at the same time.Call function between users

Step 2: You can now scroll through the list and select the desired user(s) by ticking the checkbox of the respective user. (2)

  • You will be directed to the call session room if the user you called takes the call.

  • Other users can call you as well.

  • When a user calls you, you will see a popup notification on the top of your screen.

Step 3: The call is set up as soon as you click "Call selected users". (3)

  •  Once your call is accepted, a VSight Remote session will be started in your so-called personal meeting room.

Please note that the call function is only available for PRO and ULTIMATE licences, or can be restricted by your admin.

To receive calls, you don't necessarily have to have the app actively open, however, you must at least be logged in to the app.