The AR+ mode allows you to place annotations in the live stream of the mobile user that stays in place despite movement in the room or change of perspective. For this function to work as precisely as possible, you have to move the camera of your mobile device to properly scan the entire surface, where annotations are to be placed. The scanning process was successful once a virtual grid of white dots appears.

Step 1: To start the scanning process, enter the AR+ mode (Fig. 24) (6) and follow the instructions on your screen displayed in Fig. 25.

  • The required movement is similar to trying to see the hologram on a banknote.

  • Please make sure to scan the entire surface, where annotations are to be placed (e.g., an entire machine), upfront, so that it is fully covered with the virtual grid. If you scan and annotate part by part, annotations may be slightly displaced. Detailed scanning thus increases the accuracy.

  • As soon as the virtual grid appears on your screen, 3D annotations can be placed.

Step 2: You can annotate with 2D freehand drawings (3) in different colors (1) and stroke widths (2), (see fig. 26.) 


Step 3: An additional feature available exclusively in AR+ mode is the placement of straight or rotating 3D arrows. (4)

  • The direction of the arrow is defined via the respective drop-down menu.

  • The arrow is placed upon a click on the designated position on the grid.

Step 4: To undo or repeat the latest steps, please use the arrow keys on the right edge of the screen. (8)

Step 5: To delete all annotations at once, click on the trash icon. (9)

Step 6: The snapshot function (5) allows you to freeze the live stream and annotate on the taken image instead, or to capture and save the annotated view as an image.

  • The snapshot is then listed in the chat history and can be opened by web users for collaboration or can be downloaded for documentation purposes.

Step 7: The speaker icon (6) allows you to mute and thus control the incoming audio streams.

Step 8: The microphone icon (7) allows you to mute yourself and thus control the transmission of your audio stream.

Step 9: To close the AR+ collaboration, click on the red “X” in the upper right corner.

Please note that in addition to 3D-Annotations, user of the web interface can upload 3D objects into the live stream. These can subsequently be edited by everyone. For turning and scaling, please use finger gestures.

Please note that you can only use the AR+ mode if your device supports ARCore. The supported devices are listed here: ARCore support devices.