In addition to communicating with multiple users via audio/video stream, VSight Remote offers the possibility to integrate files into a session and edit them together. 

Step 1: To start a file collaboration, tap on the blue “collaborate” button on the corresponding file listed in the chat history (see Fig. 13)


Collaboration on PDF documents

PDF documents can be uploaded into the session by users of the web application yet can be edited by all users. Once the collaboration was initiated, the document will open in a separate window displayed to all users on the main screen.

Step 2: The arrow keys in the top row undo or redo the last annotations. (Fig. 14) (1)

Collaboration on pdf documents

Step 3: The reset symbol (2) allows you to delete all annotations at once and reset the file to its original state. 

Step 4: To zoom in or out, please use the magnifying glass. (3)

Step 5: The arrow keys at the top center of the screen are available for scrolling individual pages and the arrow keys at the right edge of the screen (4) for navigation in the current view.

  •  Both the zoom and the navigation are reflected in the view of all users. 

Step 6: The annotation menu can be found at the bottom left. (5)

Step 7: First, you can select the color (6) and stroke (7) width of your annotations. 

Step 8: The pen icon represents the freehand drawing function. (8)

Step 9: A click on the T button (9) opens an empty text field.

  • To move the text box, tap on the dark grey part of the text field. 

  • To place the text in the document, tap on the checkmark on the right side of the text field.

Step 10: The cube icon (9) offers you squares, circles, or arrows for easy annotation. 

  • These appear with a blue dot via which you can scale their shape. 

  • To move the shape, select it and reposition it to the desired location.

  • Similar to the text field, the shape is placed with a click on the checkmark.

  • All annotations remain in place, even as you navigate the document or zoom in or out of the view.

  • To close the collaboration, tap on the red “x” in the upper right corner

Please note that freehand drawings are synchronized with all users live, whereas symbols and text annotations are only displayed to all once you clicked the check mark.


Please note that already placed annotations can no longer be moved and can only be removed via the undo arrow key or via the reset button.

Please note that only users of the web application can save and download the edited part of the document in the form of a JPEG file by taking a snapshot.