Collaboration on image files is possible both with snapshots that were taken during the session (see Fig. 6) and preexisting images.

Step 1: By clicking on the camera icon, you take a high-resolution picture with the camera of your device. (7)

  • This snapshot is then displayed in the chat history and is available for collaboration.

Session interface

The snapshot functionality can be particularly useful for collaboration under poor network connection.

Step 2: The pop-up window provides you with the option to take a snapshot (2), or to upload an image from your library. (Figure 14) (3)

  • To open an image file for collaboration, please go to the chat and tap on the blue “collaborate” field of the respective file. 

  • When collaborating on an image file, the annotation menu is even extended.

Collaboration on images

Step 3: You are provided with a live pointer (1), as well as with the annotation manipulation tool 

(Fig. 29) (2).

Step 4: A dropdown menu with various warning symbols (3) enables you to swiftly place unmistakable warnings. 

Please note that all users can make annotations, but the edited version can only be saved by web app users.