Before you join a session for the first time, we recommend carrying out a pre-call test for Android. Thereby, the setup and quality of your connection are being analyzed, as well as the hardware and software settings required. 

Step 1: To perform the test, please click on “Pre-call Test” in your profile section (see Fig. 18) and subsequently select "Pre-call Test". 

  • You will see a pop-up menu including the Pre-call Test button. (4) 


Step 2: Thereafter the test is carried out automatically and the results will be displayed within a short time. (1)

  • The test will run automatically, and you will see the result in approximately one minute.

  • Check the Admin Panel with your admin if you have connection problems. 

  • A note in the feedback form that you have successfully completed the test also helps us with the initial error analysis.

Precall test

In case you would like to report a specific problem, you encountered during a session, it is advisable to carry out a precall test and forward the results to us.